What is Fair Trade?

What is Fair Trade: Fair Trade is a global movement that aims to alleviate poverty through trade.Blog Post from All of the Good Things.

Fair Trade is a global movement that aims to alleviate poverty through trade.

The Fair Trade movement is a social enterprise movement that was founded over sixty years ago. The Fair Trade model is to work with disadvantaged producers, often in developing countries, to empower them through providing fairly paid employment and access to market. So rather than a charity based model where handouts are given to those in need, those who are in need or disadvantaged are provided with fairly paid ongoing employment, ensuring a sustainable income and a structure that enables community support and community building.

What is the philosophy behind Fair Trade?

The Fair Trade movement is based on the 10 World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) Principles of Fair Trade. These 10 Principles provide a framework for fair trade businesses, that enables them to build a business that supports the goal of alleviating poverty through trade. 

The Fair Trade movement works across a range of industries. Many people are familiar with Fairtrade tea, Fairtrade coffee and Fairtrade chocolate. The broader Fair Trade movement encompasses much more than these commodity items, including supporting traditional artisans to continue their crafts.

What are the WFTO 10 Principles of Fair Trade?

The WFTO 10 Principles of Fair Trade are:

Fair Trade Principle 1: Opportunities for Disadvantaged Producers
Fair Trade Principle 2: Transparency & Accountability
Fair Trade Principle 3: Fair Trade Practices
Fair Trade Principle 4: Fair Payment
Fair Trade Principle 5: No Child Labour. No Forced Labour.
Fair Trade Principle 6: No Discrimination. Gender Equality. Freedom of Association.
Fair Trade Principle 7: Good Working Conditions
Fair Trade Principle 8: Capacity Building
Fair Trade Principle 9: : Promote Fair Trade
Fair Trade Principle 10: Respect for the Environment

    All of the Good Things Supports Fair Trade

    Our philosophy is first and foremost, to do no harm to people or the planet.  Then we choose to do what we can to have a positive impact.  That’s when we get the really good feels. Then we know we are nudging the dial towards a world full of optimism, joy and fun for everyone.  

    Our first choice is to source from Fair Trade suppliers wherever possible.

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    • Corinne Nash

      I love Fair Trade because it goes a step beyond ‘do no harm’ and actually starts to take positive and deliberate steps to do some good. Even better than that, it creates ongoing opportunity and genuine, equitable employment which crates a lasting impact for whole communities in struggling economies.

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