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We start with people

We ensure that the people making our products are not being harmed. That means ensuring our supply chain has no forced labour and no child labour.

When we can, we choose to have a positive impact on people by working with disadvantaged communities to give them access to market.

Our simple approach to protecting the planet

1. Minimise

Buy Quality. Buy Practical.

If we buy things we love and cherish, are practical and gifts people actually want and will use, we minimise the tat that ends up in landfill.

2. Natural Sustainably Sourced Materials

When our things eventually do come to the end of their life, ideally, we would want them to break down back into their natural components. This causes the least amount of harm to the planet. This means buying things that are made from natural bio-degradable materials.

3. Recycle and Upcycle

Recycling and upcycling are key part of the mix to ensuring we are doing all of the good things. Ideally, the materials we are recycling should also be natural and biodegradable, like glass, aluminium and cardboard. Upcycling, re-working an existing item to make it into something new, is also a win. 

Nimmity Zappert | Founder

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