What is Fair Trade? Principle 2: Transparency & Accountability

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The organisation must be transparent in its management and commercial relations. The organisation finds appropriate, participatory ways to involve employees, members and producers in its decision-making processes. 

How does transparency and accountability in Fair Trade businesses help to alleviate poverty?

One of the key ideas bedded into the Fair Trade movement, is the concept of openness and transparency. This is often made easier by reducing the number of links in a supply chain – so that the consumer is closer to the person that has made the product they are buying and using.

In addition to helping consumers have a better understanding of what work goes into the product they are buying, transparency also helps to maintain credibility. Organisations that are guaranteed by the World Fair Trade Organisation, or who have been endorsed by the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand, are required to share details of their business practices. This ensures that businesses who are claiming to operate with the 10 Principles of Fair Trade, are in fact doing so. It also provides consumers with a strong level of trust in the product that they are buying, and the business they are buying it from.

We have all heard of ‘green washing’. The same can happen with businesses that claim ethical or fair trade practices. Transparency and accountability are important to ensure that you as the consumer can be confident in what you are buying, and the maker can be confident in choosing a business to buy and sell the products that they make.

All of the Good Things Supports Fair Trade

Our philosophy is first and foremost, to do no harm to people or the planet.  Then we choose to do what we can to have a positive impact.  That’s when we get the really good feels. Then we know we are nudging the dial towards a world full of optimism, joy and fun for everyone.  

Our first choice is to source from Fair Trade suppliers wherever possible.

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