Kitchen Setup
Sustainable Kitchen Setup | Indigenous Art Tea Towel and Pot Holder | Fair Trader of Australia | All of the Good Things
Kitchen Setup
Kitchen Setup
Kitchen Setup

Kitchen Setup

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The Kitchen Setup Gift Pack is a great gift for the sustainable friend setting up a stylish eco-friendly home. It includes: 

Set of 3 Plant-fibre Kitchen Brushes
Pot Scrubber, Dish Brush, Non-Stick Pan
Your brushes are plastic free, biodegradable, vegan and handmade in Sri Lanka by Fair Trade makers. Fair Trade works to alleviate poverty by providing access to market for disadvantaged producers and ensures makers are paid fairly with good working conditions. The pot, dish and bottle brushes are made from coconut fibre. The non-stick pan brush is made from sisal fibre, which softens when wet.
Brushes are Fair Trade, plant-fibre and vegan friendly, biodegradable and plastic-free.

Indigenous Art Tea Towel & Pot Holder Set
Your beautiful cotton tea towel is printed with beautiful indigenous art, created by artisans from Better World Arts, a Fair Trader of Australia. The artwork on each tea towel has a story that is provided by the artist, who receives royalties for each piece sold.

Better World Arts sources art from Aboriginal artists across Australia. They send detailed plans of the art to artisans around the world. Artisans interpret the plans into their own indigenous medium (handicraft). Better World Arts then distributes the results across Australia and internationally. This generates generous royalties for the artists and sustainable incomes for artisans. 

Kitchen Loofah Scourer & Washpad

This double-sided kitchen beauty has 100% cotton toweling on one side for washing and wiping and flips to reveal the Egyptian loofah ready to scrub. Renowned for their superior quality, Egyptian cotton and loofahs make for a hard-working kitchen sponge. Plastic-free, natural fibres keeping your kitchen zero waste.

Cheese Lovers Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wraps are the perfect plastic-free way to store cheese. This pack of two smalls (15x20cm) and a medium (20 x 25cm) wax wraps, is perfect for covering small pieces of cheese, cut veggies and lunch box snacks. Having a collection of little Apiwraps Beeswax Wraps is essential for every sustainable kitchen, saving cling wrap over and over again. Cheese keeps particularly well in beeswax. The Cheese Lover Pack is a great gift for a cheese eater in your life.

All of our eco gifts come in plastic-free, recycled cardboard gift boxes. The ribbon is made from upcycled sarees by Fair Trade artisans in Bangladesh.

This Gift Pack includes

Plastic-free Kitchen Brushes Set of 3 | All of the Good Things | Ethical Gifts
Non-stick Pan & Dish Brush Sustainable Kitchen Plastic-free Brushes Vegan Fair Trade Sustainable Ethically Made
Kitchen Brushes Set of 3
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Double-side Kitchen Loofah Scourer & Washpad | Plastic Free | Plant-fibre | Sustainable Kitchen | Sustainable Home | All of the Good Things
Double-side Kitchen Loofah Scourer & Washpad | Plastic Free | Plant-fibre | Sustainable Kitchen | Sustainable Home | All of the Good Things
Kitchen Loofah Scourer & Washpad
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Beeswax Wraps Cheese Lovers Set | Plastic-free Sustainable Ethically Made Ethical Gift Australian Made
Beeswax Wraps Cheese Lovers
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