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Interview with Kim Good Founder of Import Ants Ethical Social Enterprise Sustainable Ethical Business

Be inspired by the power of Fair Trade social enterprises, as we share a conversation with Kim Good, Founder of Import Ants and Eco Max Brushes. Kim will share her journey founding Import Ants, an ethical business and Fair Trader of Australia that works with communities in Sri Lanka to provide employment and access to markets. We will talk about how Kim has worked with the Sri Lankan Fair Trade community to deliver ethical eco-friendly products to the Australian market, that are loved by the plastic-free and vegan community in Australia. 

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Here we go...

For a while now, I have been thinking that most of us want to live a good life. That is, a life that is good for the planet and the people we share our planet with.

None of us wants our fellow travellers to be living in poverty, for our oceans to be full of plastic or for our air to be full of grime. We want to live in a world that has beautiful trees and open spaces with animals and plants that give us joy and inspire wonder.

We want music and colour and laughter. We want a world where we can all enjoy and celebrate life, without destroying the planet or making our or other peoples’ lives worse.

But for some reason, it seems not as easy as it should be for us to do this. Even though, we know at a basic level what we need to do.

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