Eco-friendly Toilet Brush Holder Ethically Made with Waterproof Paper Pottery from Recycled Materials. Fair Trade.

Toilet Brush Holder

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Toilet Brush Holder,

Waterproof Paper Pottery;  Plastic Free 

Eco Max Paper Pottery Toilet Brush Holder is a contemporary design handmade from paper. 

Paper Pottery is waterproof, unbreakable, lightweight, plastic-free, and beautifully versatile.

Lined with natural latex rubber and coated with a protective water repellent layer on the outside, Paper Pottery is completely waterproof. Paper Pottery is ethically hand-made in Sri Lanka using only sustainable and recycled materials.

Height: 20cm
Width: 11.5cm

Please note that as these are handmade products there may be slight variation in sizing

Note: Toilet Brush is sold separately.


Natural Latex inner lining
Non-toxic sealant