Wooden Salad Servers | Artisan Made

Wooden Salad Servers | Artisan Made

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These beautiful artisan made wooden salad servers are perfect for tossing and serving any salad. The thin prongs are thoughtfully designed to help keep even the most delicate greens and veggies from splitting or bruising. Featuring a timeless style of Scandinavian aesthetic that evokes simplicity and brings natural diversity to your home.

Each wooden product is individually crafted and so has unique marks and colours that make them different from one another.


  • Hand-carved from teak wood upcycled from the furniture industry in Indonesia
  • Sealed with natural, food safe oil and wax.
  • Made in limited number due to the availability of waste
  • Rustic finish (natural wood feel and look)
  • Size: Width 8.5cm x Height 19cm | 3.3” x 7.5”

After Use Care:

Wooden objects are likely to change slightly in colour and feel over time, through use and weathering. We recommend washing it with mild dish soap and drying immediately. Not suitable for dishwashers and microwaves. Apply beeswax or food-grade oil every 3 months.


Kayu wooden products are carefully hand-carved by an artisan community led by women in Ketingan Village Indonesia. The products are designed in Australia using the nature of circularity, recycle & upcycle –  nothing goes to waste. The workshop partners in remote Indonesia help us to realise this dream.