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Working Hands Gift Pack

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The Working Hands Gift Pack is perfect gift for people that work with their hands.

Natural Olive Oil Soap
Natural organic olive oil soap is a nourishing and moisturising natural soap suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin as it contains no preservatives or artificial perfumes. Consisting of more than 80 percent organic, virgin olive oil, the finished soap is ivory-coloured with almost no scent. Nablus Organic Soaps are certified by ECOCERT Greenlife as Natural and Organic.
Size: 120g (note that as the soap is hand cut, exact weight will vary)

Nail Brush
Ready for scrubbing your nails after a hard day at work or play, the Nail Brush is double sided to effectively scrub hands and clean under nails. The bristles are made from the hard-wearing Tampico plant-fibre which is great at soaking up water ready to release during scrubbing, providing a thorough clean. Plastic-free and biodegradable. Made by Fair Trade producers in Sri Lanka. 

ECOMAX Brushes is an Australian-owned brand that works in partnership with producers in Sri Lanka providing training and employment for underprivileged local women. Endorsed as Fair Traders by the Fair Trade Association of Australia, ECOMAX Brushes are guided by the principles of Fair Trade and support our women by providing sustainable employment, a living wage, free in-house creche and a safe and positive working environment.